For the past 13 years, Contract Furnishings Vice President Daniel Kraig has passionately designed workspaces for our clients, both big and small. In our first Q&A spotlight, Daniel shares his insight into furnishing trends, why he loves his job and what makes him smile most.

What is most important to you when serving a client?
My number one consideration is their budget. I am always looking for ways to stretch their dollar as far as I can. When I am shopping, I hope that someone is looking out for my well-earned dollar. I am always conscious of that idea when considering my own sales process.

Favorite product?
The sit-stand desk. Employees are always looking for ways to improve their work habits and having the option to sit or stand makes them feel healthier. Manufacturers are now integrating sit-stand desks with software that pairs with Fitbits and Apple watches. The software will send reminders to stand or sit throughout the work day, improving people’s posture and potentially avoiding workplace injury.

Favorite trend?
I am thrilled that office furniture is becoming more cost-effective. Manufacturers are aiming to meet the demand of today’s business owners and their budgets. The decrease in prices has allowed us to be more creative and incorporate products that we otherwise might have deemed too costly.

What’s the best part of your job?

The biggest driver for me is the smile on my clients’ faces when they see their finished workspace for the first time. I get such joy out of watching their reaction to our work. I also love building long-lasting relationships with clients so I can watch them change and grow with each move or redesign.

Why Contract Furnishings?
As an out, gay parent of two kids and partner of eight years, I am proud to work for an LBGT certified community partner. It’s important to me that I work in a company culture that supports who I am.

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