There’s a time for collaboration and camaraderie, but employees often need to escape the fishbowl that is the open office. Using furniture to create private spaces can provide the perfect solution. With over 65 manufacturing partners, our clients have a lot of privacy products from which to choose. Here are a few of the most important ones to consider:

Phone booths

Soundproof and ventilated, these private spaces invite employees to escape the noise. Perfect for a phone meeting or for a private conversation, employers install these to offer their staff a reprieve from the open office concept.

Privacy chairs and couches
These pieces are designed with materials that dampen the acoustics and absorb the sound of a busy office. Shaped for privacy, this furniture comes in all shapes and sizes and includes additional soundproofing elements, like chair hoods and or high backs.

Movable screens, living walls and white boards

Sometimes, clearing one’s field of vision is all the privacy they need. Movable screens, living walls and white boards give employees the sense of separation and can allow them the space to focus. And, a living wall brings nature indoors, helping brighten moods and relax employees.

Whether designing brand new office space or updating a current one, smart companies are investing in creating a sense of privacy. This investment is one that will pay off in the long run.