As our annual warehouse sale approaches (September 3-27), we want to remind our clients, and potential clients, why buying used or showroom sample office furniture has its benefits.


If you need just a few filler items like chairs or tables, buying used office furniture can stretch your dollar farther and enable you to buy higher-quality pieces that might not fit your budget otherwise. Our standards for bringing used furniture into stock are pretty high, and we take great care to clean and refurbish, as needed, to create a great value proposition for you.


Our favorite benefit of buying used is keeping furniture out of the landfills. The furniture we sell is built to last and has a long commercial life after the first buyer has moved on to a new office, branding or style. As a result, furniture has only been used for a few years at times, making the difference between old and new nearly impossible to tell.


This is an excellent opportunity for the fast-growing culture of “Do It Yourself” customers to pick and choose from a high-quality inventory for their home or office, and create your own look and feel.  And, get the instant gratification of taking the product with you.  Plus, no shipping!

Showroom samples

In the course of conducting business, we purchase new product to show a look or style so that clients can kick-the-tires, so-to-speak.  This creates an opportunity to sell new product at a showroom discount and pass on the savings. In many cases, the product is still available to allow the opportunity to purchase more of the same, or similar, product which helps to create a cohesive office environment.

Fast Delivery

When you order new, you can wait a few months to receive your purchase while the manufacturer fabricates your pieces. With used furniture, you skip the manufacturing process and simply need to set up delivery and installation, which takes days rather than weeks to months.

Whether your company is looking to save money, increase its sustainability or buy furniture that can arrive quickly, used or sample showroom office furniture is the way to go. And, our annual warehouse sale is a perfect opportunity!