Spring is a time to renew. Whether it’s your office or your home, it’s the perfect time to dig through that clutter and organize. With less distraction, your productivity can soar, and you can become more efficient with systems in place.

Contract Furnishings helps clients organize by creating workspaces that suit each employee. By offering a variety of functional office furniture options, we set our clients up for success.

Paper Management
Items that would typically sit on your desk can be easily stored up and out of the way to free up desk space for more focused heads-down work, setting your desk up for productivity.

Personal Storage Wardrobe / Tower
Your shoes, briefcase, and jacket don’t need to sit on the floor for you to trip over when leaving your space. Instead, incorporating a small personal wardrobe/tower into your workspace can make it less cluttered.

No need to fill your desk with items that don’t add to your productivity. Clear your desk, leaving only what’s necessary for your job. Old photos or awards can migrate to a bookshelf and contribute to the atmosphere of your office.

Lateral File
Organize your filing system to make it easier to put files back when not using them. Having a system in place will increase efficiency and organization!

Stackable Guest Chairs
Do you have meetings in your office with more than one person? Instead of awkwardly moving bulky chairs around, consider investing in stackable or nesting guest chairs on casters that give you flexibility when needed and are easily mobile.

Monitor Arms
If you are looking for more desk space, the single biggest item on most desks is a monitor, or two. A monitor arm will create more desk space and help contribute to an ergonomic work environment.

 If you are feeling the spring fever to clean, consider these simple tools to help you deal with the mess and clutter. If you have questions, give us a call. We are always happy to listen.