How did you get into designing office spaces?
I always knew I wanted to be a designer. When I was a little kid, my mom bought me fashion plates. I took those textured plates and made wallpaper for my cousin’s doll house!

In my career, I have worked in residential, hospitality, and medical. Office interiors was the last jewel that I didn’t have in my crown. When he stumbled upon Contract Furnishings, I thought I would give it a shot. See what it’s like from the other end.

What is most important to you in serving a client?
I consider myself a client advocate. Most clients don’t know the verbiage or lingo to ask for what they want. They have an idea but don’t know how to communicate it. It’s my job to translate what they are asking for into reality and also to consider universal design principles so the space works for the broadest range of needs as possible.

Favorite project and why?
I loved the Toolwatch project because they were not afraid of color! I was so happy to find a client who actually wanted vibrant colors in their space. It was my first big project and it pushed my comfort zone with its frameless glass and colored panels. The design and install were like a puzzle. It was definitely a fun challenge.

Favorite trend?
I try to work contrast into all of my projects. I am seeing more of it in the design world. For example, placing dark finishes next to white paint. It’s always been around, but it’s my favorite design element. Mixing up the lights and the darks. It gives it more energy. I like the liveliness that comes from mixing stuff up.

What are clients are asking for these days?
Every client is a little different, but a lot are asking for unique storage solutions like wardrobes One client hated seeing jackets on the back of employee chairs, so every workstation had a wardrobe.

I like to take my jeep off-roading and get up into the mountains. I also work on cars and houses. I cook, but I am more of a baker. And, I am trying to finish my thesis for my masters in design.