THE Workplace LobbY: First Impressions Matter

Gone are the days when a workplace lobby is just a space for the receptionist to greet clients. Lobbies offer a first impression that speaks volumes about your brand and your company culture.  A well designed and functional lobby should create an inviting environment and provide usable space.  Your brand’s lobby should top the priority list when considering workplace design.

Well-Wired and Well-Lit

A lobby can double as a collaborative meeting space with clients or coworkers. As a result, WIFI and power/charging accessibility is a must. Planning for technology during the design process will save companies money later and allow for strategic placement of outlets and charging stations.

The importance of natural light cannot be overstated. After all, a well-lit lobby with large windows can bring the outside in and create a more vibrant space. In addition to letting in the outside light, proper artificial light can enhance an already-sunny environment.

Functional, Comfortable Furniture

From hotel lobbies to coffee shops, employees are used to working in common areas that provide both function and comfort. An office lobby is no different. Luckily, office furniture manufacturers understand the need for beautiful and functional product that serves this purpose.

Amenities for Millennials

Since Millennials are dominating the workforce, companies are beginning to realize they need to cater to this population of employees. Millennials work differently than previous generations, preferring collaborative spaces to offices and amenities like free coffee or grab-and-go snacks to vending machines. Offering these benefits the lobby will certainly set a welcoming tone for clients and prospective employees, who are increasingly harder to attract.

Bring in the Brand

From wall color to furniture, a company’s lobby should reflect its brand personality, even its vision, and purpose. For example, a Contract Furnishings client created a welcoming lobby that presents the brand as trustworthy while approachable. The well-lit space features a model airplane, a stack of old-fashioned suitcases, and a sprawling map of the world. Its presentation is inviting without unnecessary frills, which aligns with the company’s driving philosophy to provide “low fares, done right.”

A lobby is an opportunity to tell a brand story and to appeal to visitors and employees alike. By considering lighting, furniture, branding, and amenities, companies won’t need a second chance to make a first impression.