Part of an expanding, global company, Sartorius Denver had an outdated, 36-year-old workspace that didn’t fit with the organization’s cutting-edge, sophisticated image. The 150-year-old company manufactures equipment and consumables for biopharmaceutical and research scientists and engineers developing medications for some of the world’s most serious diseases. Their offices needed to convey it.


Sartorius, which plans on doubling its global workforce by 2025, called on Contract Furnishings to help modernize their space and plan for future growth. In total, they refurbished three conference rooms and a training room and created a new think tank.

For their training room, which was designed to host large groups and visiting West Coast sales staff, Sartorius Denver chose moveable tables and chairs for easy configuration during sessions. Modeling off of the New York and European headquarters, the team converted an unused office into a think tank, where small groups of employees could gather instead of occupying an entire conference room. By installing a sit-to-stand desk with bar stools and a desk chair, Sartorius made the think tank versatile for either collaboration or heads-down work.

The remodel gave the Sartorius team a significant boost in morale. Employees recognized and appreciated that company leadership invested in the Denver workspace.