We talked to Source Four’s Lindsay Thornburg and Molly Waggoner about how they create workspaces for all employee work styles, how the right furniture can attract the right talent and make employees happy and what trends they are seeing currently in workplace design.

What is Source Four?

Source Four is a Denver-based firm representing 10 office furniture manufacturers. With 35 years in the commercial furniture business, we bring extensive knowledge about the manufacturing process, the inner-workings of furniture factories and workplace design to clients. Our company functions differently than other rep firms in that we offer design services. We create concepts and help clients imagine how new furniture will fit into their space.

What is most important when working with a client?

We want clients that are happy with how their furniture is functioning and supporting their staff. It’s also important to us that a client’s workplace incorporates areas that accommodate different employee work styles. That’s why we carry lines that fit into a variety of spaces, from outdoor to lounge to heads-down.

What’s trends are you seeing in workplace design?

More so than anything, the trend is having furniture and an overall design that supports and enhances the way that people work. We can no longer afford the luxury of spaces that are not being utilized or cannot support multiple functions. The residential trend also continues to stay strong.  Companies started bringing residential furniture into their offices, and they are learning now that commercial furniture is far more durable. Another trend – touchdown spaces – supports a growing, mobile workforce. As work-life balance becomes more important and remote workers increase in number, these spaces are becoming essential.

What is most important to you when working with a dealer?

Trust. Contract Furnishings is one of our trusted and preferred distribution partners. We count on them to find the right furniture solutions, service and install our products and make the experience a great one for clients. The staff is educated on the market and works with a wide range of projects and budgets. Their customer service is above and beyond, and they work to make a space look great and function well while ensuring there are no budget or arrival issues.

What is most important to you when working with a client?

It’s important that our clients are happy with their furniture and they feel taken care of. We want our clients to know that they can call us with a problem and we will deal with it directly and immediately. There is no middle man to slow the process down. We are a direct link to the manufacturer.

Why do you love this industry?

I love commercial furniture because it can change the look, feel and function of a room. I enjoy becoming the expert in the details and functions of our product because I can then recommend solutions on the spot, without extensive research.

I love how furniture can contribute to the culture of a space, the productivity of its users and the wellness of the overall work environment. The right furniture and environment can also benefit a business by attracting the right talent and making existing employees happier.