How did you get into selling office furniture?
With a background in design, I spent six years working as an interior designer in Chicago. When I moved to Colorado, I learned about Contract Furnishings and heard great things about their leadership. I called Christopher and Daniel, intent on applying for a design position, but they needed a salesperson instead. I loved the environment and the staff, so I gave it a shot. What I now realize is that sales has always been a part of my job, and I really enjoy selling office furniture.

How has your design background helped in sales?
I have always had an interest in commercial design. Most salespeople don’t know exactly how the products work. I know all of the parts and pieces and understand these products are complex. My design team appreciates that I understand that it takes time to build furniture systems.

What is most important to you in working with a client?
I believe that having the capability to listen to clients and understand what they need and want is most important. Clients want someone to listen to them. The ideas and details can come in later. I learn about their wish list and then implement that into the design.

Favorite part of the job?
Definitely, problem-solving. I thrive on learning what clients want, diving into their project and presenting them with solutions. To see that “Wow!” moment is instant gratification and tells me that I am doing my job well.

What can you share about sales?
The secret to sales is listening to your client regardless of your objectives. Being personable and getting to know them is so much more important than selling one piece of furniture. It’s a balance.

Why Contract Furnishings?
I am invested 100 percent in this company. Christopher and Daniel took a leap of faith on me, and I will never forget that. I wanted to apply as a designer, and they redirected my interview toward sales. What caught my attention was their willingness to create a new role for me if it didn’t work out. That set me at ease.

My husband and our boxer mix, Monday. We just rescued her a year ago, and love spending time with her. Also, we are foodies and love finding new ways to spend time together in Colorado.