How did you get into selling office furniture?
I stumbled into this industry. I was looking for a new opportunity when I saw on LinkedIn that Christopher and Daniel were looking for a sales associate. I knew them from my work with the Colorado Thought Leaders Forum and respected them both.

The Colorado Thought Leaders Forum community is all about taking care of people, and I believe in that philosophy. I wanted to work for a company that cared about its employees and what they are doing. It was clear both Christopher and Daniel genuinely cared for and supported their employees.

What is most important to you in working with a client?
My relationship with my clients is most important to me. Knowing my clients understand they are being well taken care of — with the best deal and the best solution – makes me happy. I love to earn their trust and have them come back to me when they need something.

And, I am constantly learning in this job. There is always something new to learn. I enjoy bringing this knowledge to my clients.

What can you share about sales?
Sales is a long-term game plan. It’s about relationship building. I already believed in the relationship-driven sales process, but it’s been solidified and confirmed by my experiences at Contract Furnishings. When you have a strong relationship with a client, the sales come naturally.

Favorite product?
I love HON’s flock chair for its versatility. By changing fabrics, the chair can have a totally different look and feel. My clients always love the way the flock chair turns out and works in their space.

What past work prepared you for this job?
I have always had a drive to succeed. I owned my own company, helping employees with technology and social media. I figured out how to sell these services to businesses that needed help. This experience built my confidence to go into sales.

Our dogs, Avie and Nitro, are the center of our world! We rescued them and they rescued us. We love to take them to the mountains for a couple of weeks and disconnect. They run free and chase us on the dirt bikes; we just love it. In addition to dirt biking, we love to camp. We are looking forward to camping this summer with our growing family. Including our baby boy expected to be born in just over a month.

Why Contract Furnishings?
My past experiences have given me an appreciation for a good thing when I see it. Christopher truly treats us like family. That’s what really matters at the end of the day. We are not just numbers or cogs in a wheel, here to meet a business goal. He truly cares about us while balancing work and family.