Building a sense of community

With the invent of laptops and coffee shops, employees became untethered from their desks and the places they could work grew exponentially. Some employees find that the hustle-bustle of a coffee shop or the comfort of their home promotes their productivity. But as employers, you want your employees to want to spend time in your workspace, not opt for the Starbucks on the corner or their home office.

Enter the Third Space.  

As our world becomes more and more isolated, the third space (not the first – home – or the second – office) is increasingly important in creating a company culture. Instead of encouraging employees to hide behind screens, third spaces provide a comfortable and welcoming space that encourages social interaction and breeds a sense of belonging.

Third spaces also promote productivity, creativity and collaboration. For those who are not productive or creative in a heads-down, doors-closed environment, a third space can provide a break from the monotony of a work station or office. Also, it can encourage collaboration and connect employees to a common goal.

Office furniture manufacturers have created lines specifically for these spaces, giving clients a lot of variety from which to choose. A third space is a great place to localize and customize a space to fit or help define a company’s culture. When designed well, this space can become the epicenter of the company’s creativity, productivity and collaboration.